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My upcoming WebComic (2019) should be presented.... 

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Hello, this is StarsandSpiesProject!

Theme: Family (Backstory of the character)

Start of contest: 28th March 2018

End of contest: 17th August 2018

The contest will be permanently closed on the 
18th August 2018

Prizes will be given out on the 
23rd August 2018

The main premise is that you have to do a character design of:

Joe's family

Joe (Joseph)

Quick Sketch ~ Joseph (1/4) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Joseph (3/4) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Joseph (2/4) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Joseph (4/4) by StarsandSpiesProject

Stars and Spies S1 - Information about Joseph <----- PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green-Blue
Hair: Short, black, straight hair.


In general, Joe is a hardworking, modest, and caring man that tries to do what is best for everyone, although he could also be quite emotional, can be easily manipulated, pessimistic and even assertive once his emotions have been triggered. He can be quite strategic and wise when he is focused and clear on what he is doing. However, he gets so confused with which morality is most suited for the needs of both himself and the others that he cares about, that he ends up going against G headquarters or even his own loved ones.

Marie (Adoptive mother)

Quick Sketch ~ Marie by StarsandSpiesProject

Age: 48
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long, straight brown hair

Stars and Spies - Marie's Backstory <----- PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFORMATION!


Marie is a very intelligent, selfless and loving woman who would always put other people first before herself. She lives her life as a therapist and a widow, taking care of her two children, Joseph and Abbey who were both adopted when they were babies. She enjoys socializing with others and loves to tell corny jokes. She worries that her son, Joseph might end up having the same fate one day as her father (who is in hospital, about to pass away) if he ends up working at G Headquarters, since they are known for doing dangerous missions that requires many people to put their life on the line. 

Abbey (Abigail)

Quick Sketch ~ Abbey by StarsandSpiesProject

Age: 7
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long, straight blonde hair
Skin: Porcelain (with a scar on the right side of her forehead)


Abbey is a very bright, optimistic and an overall kind child. She enjoys learning life lessons from Marie and is able to learn very quickly. She also is a ballet and street dancer. She enjoys dancing and performing in front of people and spending time with her older brother, Joseph. However, she is color-blind and is insecure about the scar on her forehead. She would even cry when her hair would be pulled up, knowing that the children at her school will make fun of her scar and being color-blind. She also always wanted to know who her real dad was and what he was like as a person, but to her misfortune, it remained a mystery.


Brandon's family


Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (1/7) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (2/7) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (3/7) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (4/7) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (5/7) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (6/7) by StarsandSpiesProject Quick Sketch ~ Brandon (7/7) by StarsandSpiesProject

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eyes: Olive Green
Hair: Short, slicked back, grey-blonde hair
Scar: Under his right eye
Physical Description: Athletic body


In general, Brandon is very confident, honest, abrasive and tough. He has trouble dealing with his own anger issues, as well as drinking and smoking issues. His main goal is to seek acceptance and forgiveness from his father. He is more than willing to make his father proud of who he is as a person since he feels that there is no one else he could look up to. He also has trust issues with women, due to his dark past where they either used him as an object, abandoned him or straight up treat him horribly. The only woman who he is trying to reconnect with as friends for many years is Rena, since he feels that she is a dependable and trustworthy leader. However, he can also show his caring and sincere side and will give support to the people he values the most.

Brandon's Backstory
Tori and Gerald loved their son Brandon. Gerald raised him to be the brave and strong man that he is today, whilst Tori did everything she can to make her son happy, making their bond stronger. However at age 7,  Brandon was forced to listen to his parents argue all night, making him feel guilty. He decided to seek help by sneaking out of his bedroom window and climb down the tree. However, he fell and had a horrible head injury. Luckily, Brandon recovered from his head injury at the hospital, whilst his mother lost her memory completely. Gerald lies to Brandon saying that while he was unconscious, Tori wanted to abandon him, hence the reason why she drove off, leading into that car accident. He then tells Brandon that he was the one who was taking Brandon to the hospital. Brandon fell for the lie and started to feel sad that his mother doesn't love him anymore.
As Brandon grew older, he started to hate his mother more and more as the years went by. A girl named Rena also had to l

Stars and Spies S1 - Brandon's Biography <----- PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFORMATION!


Quick Sketch ~ Tori by StarsandSpiesProject

Age: 49
Gender: Female
Eyes: Olive Green
Hair: Short, brown hair


Tori is a headstrong woman who cares about her husband Gerald and her son Brandon very much. She enjoys working out at the gym and boxing. She is the type of woman who can stand up from herself and isn't afraid to be honest with anyone. She can also be a very loving and generous woman who will help others in need.


Gerald and Tori started off as a happily married couple that worked in the same agency, G Headquarters. However, as the years went by, Gerald's and Tori marriage life became weaker. Whenever Tori would call out on Gerald for his mistakes, he would lash out on her and start abusing her. She knew she had to stay strong for her son, who didn't know what was going on at the time. 

After her son injured himself outside, Tori uses this as an opportunity to escape the household by taking him to the hospital in her car. As Tori drove her way to the hospital, she started recording a video of herself on her phone to describe what a despicable person Gerald is and how she plans to raise Brandon by herself as a single mom and continue to make his life happy. She then sends the video to a few of her friends. Gerald then manages to catch up to her by speeding illegally. Gerald then caught up to her and tried to stop her with his car, resulting in Tori crashing her car in the forest near a pond. They both ended up in the hospital. Her son recovered fro his injury, but she had lost her memory completely.

Many years later, Gerald and Tori had divorced. Tori started living her new life independently, while Gerald continued to raise Brandon by himself. Till this day, she is still seeking the truth about her past and how she ended up losing her memory.


Quick Sketch ~ Brandon's father by StarsandSpiesProject

Age: 57
Gender: Male
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Short, slicked back, grey-blonde hair

His personality in a nutshell: 

-Witty and humorous

Brandon and his Parent's Backstory <----- PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFORMATION!
Brandon and Rena's Backstory  <----- PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFORMATION!


Stars and Spies S1 - Rena's Biography
Name: Rena
Pronunciation: (Ren-na)
Meaning: (Plus a little fun fact): Her father originally was going to call her "Renae" which means "Born again" in German, but eventually decided to call her Rena, which means "Peace" in Greek.
Age: 23
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian 
Language(s): English
Physical Description
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Rosy
Physical Description: Slim, athletic, ideal body shape.
Typical Clothing: High class, fashionable clothing, or any clothes that attract the men she's interested in.
-Humorous (On some occasions)


As a child, Rena was caring, insightful and bright, yet naive about the world. She was also the type who wanted to act all grown up and mature, by looking and acting like her

You have these options:

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! OPTION 1: Character expressions (You win an Extra 250Points )


Choose as many emotions as you like

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! OPTION 2: Character timeline from birth to Current age (You win an Extra 250Points )


Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! OPTION 3: Character reference (You win an Extra 250Points )


Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! OPTION 4: Basic drawing of Joe, Abbey and Marie together or separately.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! OPTION 5: Basic drawing of Brandon, Tori, Rena and Gerald together or separately.

There will only be three winners for the extra points

Gold Star Sticker Icon PRIZES! Gold Star Sticker Icon 

1st Trophy Will win 4000Points  + 3D Llama BadgeAdded to my devWatch! 
2nd Trophy Will win 500Points   + 3D Llama BadgeAdded to my devWatch! 
3rd Trophy Will win 250Points + 3D Llama BadgeAdded to my devWatch!

 Star! The runner ups will get 3D Llama BadgeAdded to my devWatch! (or  Points )Star! 

F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: E F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: N F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: T F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: R F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: I F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: E F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: S 

[Contest Entry] Marie's timeline by HannaEsser "[Contest Entry] Marie's timeline" ~ by HannaEsser

(Please try to send your entries earlier rather than at the last minute, as it will make judging your entries a lot easier.)

What I will be judging on:

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! The quality and effort put into the drawings
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! How expressive the characters are
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! If their personalities are being met

Nod Acceptable
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Draw them in full body, waist up, chest up, or you can even draw their heads.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! You can draw them in any outfit you like 
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! The size of the picture can be any size you desire
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! You can either draw these characters in traditional art or in digital.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! You can draw these characters in an anime style, cartoon style or your own personal style.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! You can pick more than 1 option for an extra 100Points points if you are up for a challenge.

No, I disagree! Unacceptable
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! NO ART THEFTS!
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! NO bases
 No crossovers or anthro/animal version art 
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! No NSFW drawings.
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Do not make them OOC (Out of character)

Break any of these rules and you will be disqualified. 

Send a link to me once you have completed your piece, and have fun with the contest!


StarsandSpiesProject's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I want to become a script writer/screen writer. I am currently planning my story aimed for older children and teenagers. It is going to be an adventure and action story about a group of people discovering a new world and how they deal with it. I aim to make my story appeal to mostly older children, teenagers, and adults (PG rated)

I also want my story to appeal to both the female and male audience, (even if my main characters are mostly females) My story is mainly an action and adventure story filled with a bit of drama, Sci-Fi, fantasy, a slice of life, dark scenes, lighthearted comedy and a bit of romance. The first story I'm about to create may sound a little crazy and silly in the beginning, but eventually, you will get used to the concept. I mean in anime, they have a lot of bizarre and strange ideas for stories and yet anime fans still love the story for what it is.)

My main characters are three sisters called Annabel, Tessa, and Marsha.



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